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URGO Blister Treatment – Assortment

Why choose URGO Blisters Treatment Assortment?  

With its central thickened pellet, URGO Blisters Treatment – Assortment Pack protects the blister from pressure and rubbing to immediately soothe and reduce pain. In contact with the blister, the hydrocolloid technology forms a protective, skin-replenishing gel that promotes the blister’s healing. Adapted to the shape of the heel and fingers/toes, URGO Blister Treatment – Variety Pack is the ideal solution to treat your foot and hand blisters.

Central thickened pellet Central thickened pellet
Second skin  effectSecond skin
Immediate reliefImmediate
Fast  healingFast

How to use this product?  

  1. Do not pierce the blister.
  2. Whether the blister is pierced or not, clean the blister and its surrounding with water and soap and disinfect using an antiseptic solution (without alcohol). Dry with sterile compress or let dry.
  3. Remove the transparent protective film (arrow zone).
  4. Warm up the dressing between your hands to make it more conformable and remove the protective decorated liner.
  5. Apply the dressing while positioning the thickened pellet centred on the blister.
  6. Smooth carefully and press the dressing to enhance the adhesion

The dressing should not be kept in place more than 2 to 3 days; it should be removed if it did not come off by itself. Renew the dressing according to the instructions for use.


  • Non-sterile hydrocolloid dressings indicated for the treatment of blisters, its water resistance is suitable for a daily washing.
  • Suitable in autonomy for adults and adolescents from 16 years old (younger children may use this dressing under parents or adults supervision).
  • Do not cut. Single use, do not re-place a dressing already applied, do not reuse the same dressing (risk of infection).
  • Hydrocolloid dressings forming a white gel with the secretions. In case of sticky residues of hydrocolloid on skin, soaking in water is recommended. Adhesive will swell,  loose adhesion and detach.
  • Do not apply the dressing or withdraw the dressing already applied and consult a physician:

– if the blister worsens or if there is no improvement after 6 days of treatment,

– in the presence of signs of infection (redness, pain, heat, swelling around the wound, pus,


– or if any doubt or discomfort.

  • Diabetics’ patients should use hydrocolloid dressings under medical or nurse monitoring only.
  • Do not use the dressings more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Keep the dressings in their original box. Do not use after the expiry date (mentioned on box).
  • Contra-indicated on infected wounds.
  • Contra-indicated for arteritic feet.
  • Contra-indicated for infected diabetics’ feet

Practical information  

Composition: Hydrocolloid dressing

Format: Box containing 6 dressings


Why? Who is it for?


The URGO Blister variety pack contains small and large hydrocolloid treatments for use on the feet (heels, toes) or hands (fingers, palms). Using a second-skin effect these treatments soothe and promote healing. Great, isn’t it?

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

Why does it hurt?

Blisters are composed of a translucent liquid contained within a thin layer of skin.

Normally located on the feet or hands, they appear after repeated rubbing of the skin (shoes, equipment, etc.) and can cause severe pain. Ow, it really hurts!


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