What to do in case of a cut?

Either you are an outstanding cook, an experienced garderner, a handyman or a handywoman a small cut happens fast!   No worries, URGO professor delivers its precious tips and reflexes to adopt to be ready in case of a cut 

Steps to take to treat superficial burns

Small burns are a common daily occurrence (boiling water, barbecues, sunburn, etc.). Red and extremely painful, the skin needs immediate relief. Prof. URGO has a few tips to help treat your superficial burns.  

How to treat a wound?

A fall, a scratch… Ow, that hurts! Whilst they may be superficial, even small everyday injuries need careful attention. It is important to follow 3 main steps to treat them. Here’s a few pieces of advice from Prof. URGO to help you treat those little bumps and grazes.