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How can you avoid back pain?

Acute back pain is most commonly due to over-contraction of the muscles in the back, caused by bad posture or excessive physical activity.

Here are a few simple, effective tips to help you avoid back pain!
Avoid carrying loads that are too heavy

To avoid back pain, it is recommended that you avoid carrying loads that are too heavy. When picking up a load, it is advised that you bend your knees to avoid straining your back.

Don't forget to exercise

Physical exercise is essential to help avoid back pain. In the event of recurring back pain, find a sport suitable for your abilities, and ask your doctor for advice. You should also remember to warm up before attempting any exercise.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated

It is recommended that you drink water regularly to avoid back pain. If back pain is already present, drink lots of water to recover more quickly.

Monitor your eating habits

Eating a balanced diet is essential for the greatest impact on reducing the risk of back pain. Being overweight is a factor that increases the risk of back problems.

Take regular breaks when sitting at a desk

When in a sitting position, the pressure exerted on the spinal column is almost twice as much as when standing. Stand up and walk about regularly. This will help relax your back. Also try to use equipment that is adjusted for your needs (avoid desks that are too low, straight-backed desk chairs, etc.).

Try to relax and de-stress

Yoga is an excellent activity for reducing back pain. It will help you to relax and de-stress, factors which are often linked to back pain.


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