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How to treat a wound?

How to treat a wound?

A fall, a scratch… Ow, that hurts! Whilst they may be superficial, even small everyday injuries need careful attention. It is important to follow 3 main steps to treat them. Here’s a few pieces of advice from Prof. URGO to help you treat those little bumps and grazes.


A few simple, effective tips!
1st step: Clean with antiseptic
It is important to wash the wound with clean water and then disinfect it with antiseptic. Once the wound is cleaned and disinfected, rinse and dry the wound.
2nd step: Protect the injury with a plaster

Next, choose a plaster that will protect the wound from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination

Did you know it? URGO offers a wide range of plaster that are available pre-cut or ready to cut to size to fit any wound.

3rd step: Apply a healing dressing
Once the bleeding has stopped, healing plasters are recommended to help repair the injury. Thanks to their special technology, they soothe the wound and provide comfort until the wound has completely disappeared.

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