A wound, are you sure? A wound is a lesion of the skin. Often superficial, even small wounds require particular care to limit the risk of infection. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them: cleaning, protecting and healing.

Cuts, scrapes, scratches

Cuts, scrapes, scratches, are you sure? Whilst they may be superficial, even small wounds need careful attention. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them: wash the wound with clean water and disinfect with antiseptic. Then, rinse and dry the wound. Next, choose a plaster that will protect it from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination. Finally, to ensure no scarring occurs, apply a healing wound dressing as soon as the wound stops bleeding Ow, it hurts!

Burns or sunburns

Burns, are you sure? A burn is a tissue lesion often due to a period of contact with a heat source. There are different degrees of burn according to severity: 1st degree (such as sunburn, with vivid red, painful lesions) & 2nd degree superficial (appearance of a blister). It burns!

Insect bites

Insect bites, are you sure? A wide range of insects bite and sting the skin, causing skin lesions that can lead to an immune response that is characterised by the appearance of a rash or bumps. The main insects that are the cause of these bites and stings are mosquitoes, bedbugs, ticks, fleas, harvest mites, wasps, horseflies and even some types of spider.   It itches!

Lumbago or muscle pain

Lumbago or muscle pain, are you sure? There are two factors which can explain muscle pain. The accumulation of toxins in the muscle fibres, as well as a lack of nutrients and energy in the muscles can cause the muscles to over-contract. They then remain over-contracted, hard and painful. Overly intense effort or poor posture is often the cause of these back pains!

Strains, sprains

Strains or sprains, are you sure? After a trauma (injury to the muscle and/or tendon and ligament tissues), the healing process for these tissues begins. The first phase of this healing is inflammation (warmth, redness, oedema, pain). This painful phase consumes a lot of energy and causes heat. Applying something cool to the area greatly slows inflammation and relieves the pain.

Clumsy movements, falls, bruises

Clumsy movements, falls, bruises, are you sure? Clumsy movements and falls are often the cause of everyday bumps and grazes. These are usually benign, and can generally be relieved using simple and effective solutions. Ow, it hurts!