Mouth ulcers

A mouth ulcer, are you sure? Mouth ulcers are small white swellings or ulcerations surrounded by a red area that appear inside the mouth, particularly the cheeks, inside of the lips and the tongue. Mouth ulcers are common and often recur.


A spot, are you sure? Those evil spots are caused by the overproduction of sebum and by the growth of the P.acnes bacteria. This causes the appearance of spots, which are often unsightly and far too visible!   Ahh, they’re so ugly!

Cold sores

Cold sores, are you sure? The virus that causes cold sores is the Herpes Simplex virus. Generally, cold sores appear around the mouth and on the lips. It swells, reddens, itches, burns and tingles. Labial herpes really is no laughing matter!  

Cracked lips

Cracked lips, are you sure? Cracked lips are precise, identifiable cracks (weakening of the labial epidermis following excessive dryness). Cracks on the lips are mainly caused by cold, smoking tobacco and also by taking certain medications (retinoids).   Ow, it hurts!


A gingivitis, are you sure? Gingivitis is a benign inflammation of the gum. This inflammation is linked to a traumatic wound or the growth of certain types of bacteria. The inflamed gums then become a bright red.   Ow, that’s painful!


A wound, are you sure? A wound is a lesion of the skin. Often superficial, even small wounds require particular care to limit the risk of infection. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them: cleaning, protecting and healing.

Clumsy movements and falls

Clumsy movements and falls, are you sure? Clumsy movements and falls are often the cause of everyday bumps and grazes. These are usually benign, and can generally be relieved using simple and effective solutions. Ow, it hurts!


A torticollis, are you sure? There are two factors which can explain muscle pain. The accumulation of toxins in the muscle fibres, as well as a lack of nutrients and energy in the muscles can cause the muscles to over-contract. They then remain over-contracted, hard and painful. Overly intense effort or poor posture is often the cause of these back pains!