If it hurts, it's worth an

Brown spots (solar lentigines) are areas of hyperpigmentation that form light to dark brown spots that are visible on the surface of the skin.

These brown spots can appear in women from the age of 30 onwards but appear more often around 45. . 

URGO launches URGO Cryobeauty® Brown Spots Hands-Arms-Legs in order to make these brown spots disappear for good in one single application* of 6.5 seconds on the hands, arms and legs,This painless** solution uses cyto-selective® cryotherapy allowing to treat  specifically the cells responsible for brown spots (solar lentigines), while conserving the other cells of the epidermis.

4 to 8 weeks after the application, brown spots have disappeared ! The treatment doesn’t leave any scar.

* If the spot is smaller than or the same size as the central diameter of the applicator.

**83.4% of patients did not complain of significant pain. Clinical study carried out on 30 people 2017-CPCAD CHU of Nice.

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