If it hurts, it's worth an

Nails can be mistreated daily. Indeed, household products, nail polish, fake nails but also nail polish removers and solvants are all causes of weakened nails. They become brittle, weak and split. But URGO, the every day hurt expert, has developed URGO Weakened Nails, a 2-in-1 care that combines the effects of a nourishing oil and a hardening treatment.

Bitten nails! How awful! Nail biting is a compulsive habit often caused by stress, anxiety or boredom. Biting nails can cause cutaneous micro-lesions that could lead to infections in the nail.

Fortunately, URGO has developed the URGO Filmogel® STOP Bitten Nails, a 2-in-1 solution to strengthen your nails and help you stop biting them.

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