If it hurts, it's worth an

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From 3 months to 3 years old, all the children are concerned with teething. Teething troubles occur as soon as the first teeth appear in the child’s mouth. It is a mandatory step in our life. The teeth are formed inside the bones of the jaws and gradually move to get out by crossing the gums. They continue to progress until the entire crown of the tooth is visible. That is why it hurts so much!


As baby’s mood is affected – and so are his parents’ …! – some clinical manifestations of teething appear such as : fever, red cheeks, abundant drooling, swollen gums, lack of appetite, restless sleep and so on.


To relieve baby’s pain and parents’ nerves, URGO has developed URGO Dentilia® Filmogel: a natural-origin formula clinically-proven to relieve teething troubles. It aims at soothing and softening babies gums during teething thanks to its massaging applicator tip which both relieves and facilitates the gel application.



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