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Steps to take to treat superficial burns

Small burns are a common daily occurrence (boiling water, barbecues, sunburn, etc.). Red and extremely painful, the skin needs immediate relief. Prof. URGO has a few tips to help treat your superficial burns.


Steps to take to treat superficial burns
The first step: cool the burn with cold water

The most important step is to cool the burn with cold water before anything else. This is more effective the sooner it is carried out. This basic step reduces the local heat and prevents the inflammation from spreading. One golden rule is to follow the “rule of 15“: rinsing the burn at 15 °C at a distance of 15cm for around 15 minutes.

When it comes to superficial burns, URGO has the solution!

When a blister appears, it is important to avoid piercing it and leave it intact as far as is possible. The blister is a protection against infection. If the blister has already burst, it is essential that it is disinfected. We recommend that a sterile lipidocolloid dressing or mesh such as URGO Burn and superficial wounds is applied to the area to be treated.

Apply URGO Burn - Sunburn cream to treat 1st degree burns and sunburn.

For 1st degree burns and sunburn, URGO Burn – Sunburn Cream is the solution to relieve the pain and promote healing. Perfume-free and hypoallergenic, it can also be used for redness and irritation.


Otherwise,logo-heading-img-2  has THE  solution !


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