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URGO Burns – Superficial wounds – Sterile Tulle

Why choose URGO Burns - Superficial Wounds - Tulle ?  

The tulle contains lipidocolloid technology, a unique combination of hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly particles. This formula relieves the pain and promotes healing. In addition, the plaster avoids sticking to the wound and can be painlessly removed. Magic!

The URGO advantage: This product requires the use of additional complementary products: cover the tulle with an URGO sterile dressing held in place with an URGO bandage or URGO adhesive tape.

Promotes healingPromotes healing
Painless removalPainless removal
Lipidocolloid technologyLipidocolloid technology

How to use this product?  


In the case of a 2nd degree superficial burn:

Run the injury under cold water for 15 minutes to limit the spread of the burn.

For all injuries:

  • Clean the wound with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
  • Rinse with water or saline solution.
  • In the case of a burn, never use coloured antiseptics as eosin.
  • Dry throughly the wound with a sterile compress.
  • To the extent possible, respect the blister which is a defence against infection. If it erupts, disinfect it. It is not necessary to remove the dead skin if it does not leave by itself.
  • Remove the protective wings.
  • Apply to the affected area. In the case of the tulle alone, if necessary cut to the desired format using scissors clean and disinfected, then cover with a secondary dressing as sterile gauze maintained by a stretchable band or plaster.
  • The use of a cream beforehand is useless. The usual duration of treatment is 5 to 6 days with renewal of the first dressing after 24 hours, then every 48 hours.

Do not use in case of 2nd degree deep burns, 3rd degree, or for burns on the face. In these cases, a prior medical consultation is mandatory.


Restricted to localized treatment of wounds, whose size does not exceed the size of a compress. In extensive burns, it is desirable that the pad goes far to allow the absorption of exudates. If you do not see any improvement in healing after 6 days, consult your doctor. For burns in child, ask your pharmacist. In the presence of clinical signs of local infection (redness extending to the intact skin, pain…), consult your pharmacist or doctor. The tulle URGO BURNS & SUPERFICIAL WOUNDS must be used immediately upon opening, store away from light.


The reuse of a single-use product may cause risks of infection.

Practical information  

Composition: Polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid particles (carboxymethylcellulose) and petroleum jelly.

Format: Single sterile sachets.

Box of 6 small tulles (5 x 5cm)

Box of 4 large tulles (8 x 8cm)


Why? Who is it for?


URGO Burns – Superficial Wounds is designed for the treatment of 1st degree and 2nd degree superficial burns (blisters) as well as superficial wounds (grazes, cuts).

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Why does it hurt?

A burn is a tissue lesion often due to a period of contact with a heat source. There are different degrees of burn according to severity: 1st degree (such as sunburn, with vivid red, painful lesions) & 2nd degree superficial (appearance of a blister).


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The tulle that painlessly soothes and promotes healing of your superficial burns and injuries.

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