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URGO Finger

Why choose URGO Finger?  

Extensible and water-resistant, this plaster protects and follow your finger’ moves for maximum comfort. It even let the skin breathe. 

It doesn’t stick to the wound thanks to its anti-adhesive mesh. Great, isn’t it?

Top tip:

This fingertip format can be used on the fingertips, as well as between the thumb and the index finger.

Does not stick to the woundDoes not stick to the wound

How to use this product?  


1.Carefully clean, disinfect, rinse and dry the wound and its periphery.

2.Apply the dressing smoothing carefully the edges.

3.Change at least twice a day.

Precautions :

-Do not apply to wounds longer or wider than the pad and likely to overflow the pad

-To avoid a tourniquet effect, do not over-tighten the long dressing around the finger. If you have tingling in your fingertip, remove immediately the dressing and apply a new one taking care not to over-tighten it.

Practical information  

Composition :

Polypropylene / polyethylene / viscose pad  coated with a non-adhering polyethylene veil.

Extensible and breathable dressing, skin tone.

Two formats :

10 plasters box:

  • 8 butterfly shaped plaster (4,3 cm x 7,3 cm)
  • 2 extra-long plaster (2 cm x 12 cm)

Why? Who is it for?

URGO Finger – Plaster

Small scratches on hands and finger can happen so quicly…

URGO Finger plaster protects for maximum comfort every superficial wounds on your hands thanks to two ergonomic formats.

It even resists to water! 

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

Whilst they may be superficial, even small wounds need careful attention. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them.

  • The first is: wash the wound with clean water and disinfect with antiseptic. Then, rinse and dry the wound.
  • Next, choose a plaster that will protect it from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • Finally, to ensure no scarring occurs, apply a healing wound dressing as soon as the wound stops bleeding.



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