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URGO Heating Patch

Why choose the URGO Heating Patch?  

Its format (13cm x 9.5cm) allows it to be positioned on almost any part of the body. The special adhesive on the URGO Heat Patch ensures that it remains in place for up to 8 hours and can be easily and painlessly removed. The patch is soft, supple and pleasant to wear, allowing you to move freely. Odourless, it soothes the pain whilst remaining completely invisible.

Heat Heat
Soothes 8hSoothes 8h

How to use this product ?  

  • Open the sachet and remove the protective film
  • Stick the Urgo Heating patch without delay on the painful area
  • Remove the patch after use by taking it off delicately
  • On mobile or joint areas, the Urgo heating patch may potentially be maintained with a slight plaster or a tubular net

Do not apply heating patches more than 8 hours on the same area.

  • Once the sachet is opened, stick the patch without delay. On mobile or joint areas, the Urgo heating patch may potentially be maintained with a slight plaster or a tubular net. Allow the air to circulate upon the patch: the patch must not be compressed or placed under an occlusive cover ( by lying down on it, with too tight clothes, …): risk of burns
  • Do not use the patch if the envelope is punctured or torn: risk of burns
  • If the patch is torn and powder comes in contact with the skin, RINSE WITH WATER


  • If the sensation of heat is too important or abnormal, or if any discomfort or cutaneous reaction, take off the patch without delay (always delicately)
  • Do not microwave; do not cut or fold the patch in two (risk of burns)
  • Do not wet the patch. Remove it before taking a bath or shower
  • Single use, do not reuse (risk of adhesion decreased and heating inability)
  • External use only. Keep out of reach and sight of children
  • Do not apply heating patches more than 8 hours on the same area
  • Consult your doctor:

– If the muscular pains are not relieved or worsen after a few days

– To make sure the treatment is indicated: in case of diabetes, of poor blood circulation, of cardio-vascular disease, of nervous lesions, of sensorial impairment, of skin disease, of arthritis, arthrosis, spondylarthritis, or in case of chronic muscular pains

  • After use: do not incinerate: dispose the patch with the household waste
  • Keep in the original box at temperatures not exceeding 25°C.
  • Do not use after expiry date
  • On children under 7 years old and on pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • While asleep: risk of burns
  • Do not apply the patch in situations where the perception of heat is reduced, on body areas insensitive to heat (hypaesthesia, paralysis…)and in people suffering from heat perception disorders
  • On people unable to withdraw the product without external assistance
  • On an area where heat is contra indicated: elongation, muscle sprain, tendinitis, bruise…
  • On a pain due to rheumatoid polyarthritis or migraines
  • On injured skins: wound, burn, redness, irritation, oedema, eczema, ulcer…
  • On the face and mucous membranes
  • In addition to other topical products
  • Like any source of heat, this product may cause burns. It is imperative to carefully observe the instructions and monitor regularly.

Practical information  

Main components:

Iron powder, water, activated carbon


Box containing 2 patches (13cm x 9.5cm).


Why? Who is it for?


The multi-location URGO Heating Patch relieves and relaxes muscle pains (soreness, torticollis, lumbago) with its targeted diffusion of heat . The patch can be used on almost any part of the body.

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

There are two factors which can explain muscle pain.

The accumulation of toxins in the muscle fibres, as well as a lack of nutrients and energy in the muscles can cause the muscles to over-contract.

They then remain over-contracted, hard and painful.

Overly intense effort or poor posture is often the cause of these back pains!



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URGO Heating Patch effectively soothes pain for up to 8 hours!

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