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URGO Hydrocolloid Pad dressing – Fast Healing

Why choose URGO Hydrocolloid Pad Dressing - Fast Healing?  

Their hydrocolloid technology creates a humid environment around the wound, an environment conducive to rapid healing. Acting like a second skin, URGO Fast Healing discreetly protects the wound and relieves the pain. Thanks to their adapted shape, they remain in place for several days and can be painlessly removed.

Promotes healingPromotes healing
Adapted shapeAdapted shape
Hydrocolloid technologyHydrocolloid technology

How to use this product?  


1. Clean and disinfect the wound and its surrounding area using an antiseptic solution (without alcohol). Stop the possible bleeding and dry using a sterile compress.

2. Open the sachet, remove the dressing. Warm the dressing between your hands to make it more conformable.

3. Remove the first protective tab avoiding touching the adhesive central part of the dressing with your fingers and position the hydrocolloid dressing centered on the wound. The wound must be totally covered by the hydrocolloid compress (the cream to ochre central part).

4. Remove the second tab while smoothing down and pressing the edges of the dressing to enhance the adhesion.

The dressing should not be kept in place more than 2 to 3 days; it should be removed if it did not come off by itself. Renew the dressing according to the instructions for use. The average duration of the treatment is 6-8 days.

  • Do not stretch the dressing during application; do not cut; Single use dressing, do not re-place a dressing already applied, do not reuse the same dressing (risk of infection).
  • In case of sticky residues of hydrocolloid on skin, soaking in water is recommended.
  • Do not apply the dressing or withdraw the dressing already applied and consult a physician:

– if the wound worsens or if there is no improvement after 6 days of treatment,

– in the presence of signs of infection (redness, pain, heat, swelling around the wound, pus, etc.),

– or if any doubt or discomfort.

  • Diabetics’ patients should use hydrocolloid dressings under medical or nurse monitoring only.
  • For any face-located wound, ask for a medical advice for aesthetic reasons
  • Do not use the dressings more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Keep the dressings in their original box.
  • Do not use after the expiry date (mentioned on box and sachet).


  • Contra-indicated on burns, on infected wounds, on wounds with secondary infection risk (in particular wounds dating more than 24 h).
  • Contra-indicated for arteritic feet.
  • Contra-indicated for infected diabetics’ feet.

Practical information  

Composition: Hydrocolloid pad that forms a skin-replenishing gel that promotes healing and relieves pain. Waterproof transparent material. Adapted shape for optimal adhesion and protection.

Format: 3 different formats to fit the location of the wound:

  • Finger: 8 plasters (20 x 72mm)
  • Knee: 4 small plaster (68 x 68mm) + 2 large plasters (77 x 62mm)
  • Standard: 5 small plasters (20 x 74mm) + 3 large plasters (40 x 72 mm)

Why? Who is it for?


Unexpected falls, cuts, grazes… Even if we pay attention to our every action, it’s impossible to avoid all the little dangers that we encounter in our everyday lives. URGO Hydrocolloid Pad dressing – Fast Healing  are designed for the treatment of superficial wounds that are no longer bleeding.

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What is hydrocolloid technology?

It is a skin-replenishing gel that forms a protective cushion around the wound. It isolates and protects the wound from any risk of contamination. It also avoids the formation of an unsightly scab and promotes healing. Those awful scabs will be nothing but a distant memory!


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