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Nylex – Support Bandage

Why choose Nylex?  

Nylex is comfortable, aerated and absorbent.

A practical advantage: the bandage is also reusable and can be washed at 30°!

Washable & reusableWashable & reusable

How to use this product?  


1.Unroll 20 to 30cm of bandage.

2.Wind the bandage once around the area to be covered.

3.Continue wrapping the bandage around the area, ensuring that each wrap covers at least half of the preceding wrap.

4.In order to ensure that the bandage remains in place, the final wrap should not be in contact with the skin, but should be completely covering the preceding wrap.

5.Fix the end of the bandage in place using adhesive tape.

6.Washing the bandage:

-Hand wash or machine wash at 30° max, using neither detergent nor bleach.

-Rinse and spread out flat to dry.


Sensitisation to a component of the bandage.

Precautions for use:

– Never use the bandage directly on damaged or injured skin. For holding compresses in place, the Nylex bandage should be sterilised before use.

– Avoid applying too much pressure. If the pressure is too great, reduce the tension applied to the bandage.

Practical informations  


Acrylic – polyamide


4m x 5 cm

4m x 7 cm

4m x 10 cm

4m x 15 cm


Why? Who is it for?


Did you know there are several different types of support bandages? Nylex is a multi-functional, non-adhesive bandage.

It can be used for holding compresses and dressings in place, and for lightly supporting injured joints.

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

Help! You need to treat a wound. In this case, compresses or dressings are often used. To hold them in place, the best solution is to use a stretchable bandage. And voila! You can move once more!

Nylex can also be used to provide light support for injured joints. Smart!



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Nylex can be used for preparing dressings and supporting injured areas.

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