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URGO Sensitive Stretch – plasters

Why choose URGO Sensitive Stretch?  

Its stretchy material moves with the skin to provide optimum comfort.

Its micro-ventilated structure allows the skin to breathe.

It also provides anti-microbial protection with its woundpad impregnated with antiseptic.

Tips !

Anti-adhesive, the woundpad doesn’t stick to the wound.

Stretchy materialStretchy material
Do not stick to the wound Do not stick to the wound
Antiseptic PadAntiseptic Pad

How to use this product?  


  • Clean, disinfect, rinse and dry thoroughly the wound and its periphery.
  • Apply the dressing smoothing carefully the edges.
  • To be repeated at least twice a day.


Because of the presence of benzalkonium chloride, this product may induce cutaneous reactions.

Practical information  


  • Anti-adhesive woundpad impregnated with benzalkonium chloride (960 mg/m²).
  • Micro-ventilated, flesh-coloured stretch material.

Three formats:

Box containing 30 plasters

  •  24 small (2cm x 7.2cm)
  •  6 large (3.4cm x 7.2cm)

Box containing 48 plasters

  • 30 small (2cm x 7.2cm)
  • 18 large (3.4cm x 7.2cm)

Box containing 60 plasters

  • 20 very small (2cm x 4 cm)
  • 34 small (2cm x 7.2cm)
  •  6 large (3.4cm x 7.2cm)

Why? Who is it for?


For the acrobats among you, URGO also offers the URGO Sensitive Stretch, a plaster that stretches with all your movements, even the most perilous!

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

Whilst they may be superficial, even small wounds need careful attention. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them.

  • The first is: clean the wound with clean water and disinfect with antiseptic. Then, rinse and dry the wound.
  • Next, choose a dressing that will protect it from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • Finally, to ensure no scarring occurs, apply a healing wound dressing as soon as the wound stops bleeding.



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URGO Stretch moves as you move, for optimum comfort.

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