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Why choose Sparaplaie?  

Sparaplaie is a dressing with a high skin tolerance. It provides optimal adhesion due to its resistant elastic backing.

Top tip: The anti-adhesive layer on the pad enables the plaster to be painlessly removed. Smart!

Resistant elastic backingResistant elastic backing
High skin toleranceHigh skin tolerance
Anti-adhesive layerAnti-adhesive layer

How to use this product?  

  • Clean and disinfect the wound and its surrounding area with an antiseptic solution. Monitor haemostasis if necessary (stop the bleeding).
  • Rinse with a sterile saline solution and dry using a sterile compress.
  • Open the sachet and remove the dressing.
  • Remove the 1st protective tab and position the dressing centered on the wound, avoiding touching the adhesive part with the fingers. The wound must be totally covered by the compress (central part).
  • Apply the dressing, gradually pulling back the 2nd tab and smoothing down the edges.

Renew the dressing according to the instructions for use every 24 to 48 hours depending on the wound condition or the dressing.

Precautions for use:

Renew the dressing according to the instructions for use if the dressing is wet, otherwise it may induce infections or irritations

The removal of the dressing may be facilitated if a counter-pressure is applied in the same time on the skin and/or the surrounding lesion

The presence of hair or greasy products on skin may impact the adherence.

Single-use sterile dressing. Do not re-use or re-position a dressing already applied (otherwise risk of infection).

Do not re-sterilise. Check the integrity of the sterile protector before use. Do not use if the package is damaged.

Inspect the wound and the surrounding area regularly in order to detect any signs of infection such as pain, redness, oedema, odor or pus formation.

In case of any doubt or infection, contact your physician or health care professional.

Do not use on non-sutured deep wounds, on bleeding or highly exudative wounds

Do not use Sparaplaie more than 30 consecutive days.

Keep the dressings in their original box.

Do not use after the expiry date (indicated on the box and the sachet)

Practical information  

Format :
Box containing 10 dressings (10 cm x 7 cm)


Why? Who is it for?


Are you looking for a resistant dressing? Use Sparaplaie.

Sparaplaie is an adhesive woven fabric and resistant sterile dressing designed to protect surgical incisions, acute sutured wounds and superficial non sutured wounds.

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

It’s quite simple really. Sterile dressings and films protect the wound and avoid the risk of infection. Also available in large sizes, they are also very useful for protecting wounds with a large surface area.

It is important that they remain sterile to avoid the development of an infection.


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Sparaplaie offers effective protection through its resistant backing material.

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