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Why choose URGOSTRIPS ?  

The sterile adhesive Urgostrips sutures promote aesthetic healing process thanks to their high resistance to rupture, their high adherence and their high cutaneous tolerance.

High cutaneous toleranceHigh cutaneous tolerance

How to use this product?  

  1. Clean and disinfect the wound and its surrounding area with an antiseptic solution. Monitor haemostasis if necessary (stop the bleeding).

Dry with a sterile compress to enhance the adhesion of the strips.

  1. Open the sachet aseptically. If the strips should be cut, the scissors should be sterile or disinfected with alcohol.
  2. After a thorough hand washing with water and soap, apply 2 parallel strips along  and on both sides of the wound, (see illustration)
  3. Make sure that fingers are not placed on the part of the strip which shall come in contact with the wound. Apply a third strip perpendicularly on one edge of the wound and, while slightly stretching it, apply it on the opposite edge to draw the wound edges near, without overlaying.
  4. Apply the next strips in the same way until the wound closure is completed. Finish the assembly by applying 2 strips across to reinforce the whole.

Leave the strips in place (3 to 4 days) until they come off or until they lose function. Replace the strips according to the instructions for use until complete healing. The wound must stay dry. The primary healing of a superficial wound lasts about ten days.

  • The presence of hair or greasy products on skin may impact the adherence.
  • Single-use sterile strips. Do not re-use or re-position a strip already applied, do not keep a strip in an open sachet (otherwise risk of infection).
  • Do not re-sterilise. Check the integrity of the sterile protector before use. Do not use if the package is damaged.
  • To limit the risk of secondary wound infection, it is recommended to cover the whole with an antiseptic dressing. Do not remove and change the strips at each dressing renewal.
  • Wound healing is facilitated if the positioning of the strip avoids space or overlaying between the edges of the wound.
  • Inspect the wound and the surrounding area regularly in order to detect any signs of infection such as pain, redness, oedema, odour or pus formation.

In case of any doubt or infection, contact your physician or health care professional.

  • Keep the sachets in their original box.
  • Do not use after the expiry date (indicated on the box and the sachet)
  • Do not use on infected, exudative or bleeding wounds.
  • Do not apply on eyes or eyes lids
  • Do not use on joint areas (high risk of tensile overstress or strips tearing)
  • Do not use Urgostrips more than 30 consecutive days.

Practical information  

Format :
10cm x 0,6 cm


Why? Who is it for?


You are looking for a solution for rapid closure of superficial wounds and surgical incisions?

Then go for URGOSTRIPS !

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks
Why use strips?

Easy to use, they promote aesthetic healing process.


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URGOSTRIPS promote aesthetic healing process !

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