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URGO Treatment Calluses

Why choose URGO Treatment Calluses?  

With their hydrocolloid content, URGO Treatment Calluses soothes the pain on application and eliminates pressure zones. In addition, the emollient and hydrating action of the glycerin helps to gently soften and eliminate the callus. Ultra thin and transparent, they ensure complete discretion for treating calluses.

Hydrocolloïd Technology + glycerinHydrocolloïd Technology + glycerin
Immediate reliefImmediate relief
Gently Elimination Gently Elimination

How to use this product  

  1. Make sure there is no lesion, wound, or redness on the skin of your callus
  2. Soak your foot for about 10 minutes in hot water
  3. Clean and disinfect the callus and its surrounding area using an antiseptic solution (without alcohol). Rinse and dry using a sterile compress or let dry.
  4. Warm the dressing between your hands to make it more conformable.
  5. Remove the first protective tab, avoiding touching the central adhesive part of the dressing
  6. Apply the hydrocolloid dressing centered on your callus; the callus must be totally covered by the dressing.
  7. Remove the second tab while smoothing down and pressing the edges of the dressing to enhance the adhesion.

 Renew the dressing according to the instructions for use, in average once a day, or once it starts wrinkling. The dressing should not be kept in place more than 2 to 3 days, after which it should be removed if it did not come off by itself.

  1. Once the dressing removed, withdraw/grate the excess of softened skin at the surface of your callus and apply if necessary a new dressing, according to the instructions for use.


  • Hydrocolloid non sterile dressing intended for the treatment of the calluses
  • Do not cut. Single use dressing, do not re-place a dressing already applied, do not reuse the same dressing (risk of poor hygiene and non-adhesion).
  • Do not apply on damaged skins or wounds.
  • Do not apply the dressing or withdraw the dressing already applied and consult a physician or a chiropodist:
  • – if the callus worsens or if there is no improvement after 6 days of treatment,
  • – in the presence of signs of infection (redness, pain, heat, swelling around the wound, pus,
  • ),
  • – or if any doubt or discomfort.
  • Diabetics’ patients should use hydrocolloid dressings under medical or nurse monitoring only.
  • Hydrocolloid dressings form a white gel with secretions or perspiration
  • In case of sticky residues of hydrocolloid on skin, soaking in water is recommended: adhesive will swell, loose adhesion and detach.
  • Do not use the dressings more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Keep the dressings in their original box. Do not use after the expiry date (mentioned on box).

Practical information  

Composition: Hydrocolloid and glycerin.

Format: Box containing 5 hydrocolloid + glycerin dressings



Why? Who is it for?


Every day your feet are subject to strains and impacts as they support your weight as you walk and run… URGO Treatment Calluses is a hydrocolloid treatment enriched with glycerin designed to treat calluses.

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks
Why does it hurt ?

Plantar calluses are calluses located on the arch of the foot and manifest as an abnormal thickening of the skin in areas subject to pressure. Calluses can be very painful when wearing poorly fitted shoes or even when your foot is excessively strained.


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