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URGO Ultra Protection – plasters

Why choose URGO Ultra Protection?  

Its foam material is thick and filled with micro-bubbles to provide effective protection against impacts. Its micro-ventilation allows the skin to breathe.

Its woundpad impregnated with antiseptic provides antimicrobial protection. Great, isn’t it?

Top tip:

Anti-adhesive, the woundpad doesn’t stick to the wound.

Reinforced materialReinforced material
Do not stick to the woundDo not stick to the wound
Antiseptic padAntiseptic pad

How to use this product?  

Directions for use :

  • Clean, disinfect, rinse and dry the wound and its area.
  • Apply the dressing carefully, by smoothing the sides.
  • Change the dressing at least twice a day.




Because of the presence of benzalkonium chloride, this product may induce cutaneous reactions. Do not use in cas of allergy to benzalkonium chloride.

Practical information  


  • -Anti-adhesive woundpad impregnated with benzalkonium chloride (960 mg/m²).
  • Thick, flesh-coloured foam with micro-bubbles.


Box containing 10 plasters

  • 10 small (2 cm x 7.2cm)

Why? Who is it for?


For all the daredevils who worry about impacts to their small injuries, URGO has developed the ideal solution, the Ultra Protection plaster range.

Their reinforced material acts like a cushion to soften any impacts.

URGO Filmogel® Hands Cracks

Whilst they may be superficial, even small wounds need careful attention. It is important to follow several main steps to treat them.

  • The first is: wash the wound with clean water and disinfect with antiseptic. Then, rinse and dry the wound.
  • Next, choose a plaster that will protect it from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • Finally, to ensure no scarring occurs, apply a healing wound dressing as soon as the wound stops bleeding.



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URGO Ultra Protection softens impacts with its micro-bubble foam.

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