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What patch should I choose for my pain?

There is a range of different heat patches! But to treat your pain efficiently, you need to choose the right one for you. To best soothe your muscle pain, choose an ergonomic patch in a format adapted for the area causing you pain.

Simple and effective advice for each area of the body!
Torticollis, muscle tension in the nape of the neck, shoulders or trapezoids?

To soothe and relax these painful areas, the solution is a targeted application of heat. Ergonomic U-shaped heat patches are perfectly adapted for these areas, providing optimal relief. Useful as well as practical, they give you complete freedom of movement, whatever you’re doing!

Lumbago, muscle tension in the lower back?

For muscle pain in the lower back, try using a heat belt. Able to stretch, it can adapt to any size and remain discreet.

The ideal solution for soothing pain in the lower back.

Aches, torticollis, lumbago, muscle tension?

For all back pain, try using a multi-location heat patch. It adapts to the shape of the painful area and diffuses a pleasant heat.


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