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How to treat a wound?

What to do in case of a cut?

Either you are an outstanding cook, an experienced garderner, a handyman or a handywoman a small cut happens fast!   No worries, URGO professor delivers its precious tips and reflexes to adopt to be ready in case of a cut 

How to react in case of a cut?
Clean with antiseptic
It is important to wash the wound with clean water and then disinfect it with antiseptic. Once the wound is cleaned and disinfected, rinse and dry the wound.
Protect the injury with a plaster

Next, choose a plaster that will protect the wound from dirt and bacteria to avoid any risk of contamination

Did you know it? URGO offers a wide range of plaster that are available pre-cut or ready to cut to size to fit any wound.

  • To disinfect, do not use 90 degrees alcohol. It might burn the skin.
  • Do not use talc or cream without medical advice.
  • Do not use cotton ball to clean your wound as fibres could stick to the skin. Instead, use URGO’s sterile non-woven pads. 

and if not,logo-heading-img-2 has THE solution !


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