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How can I wear high heels without pain?

Why do nails weaken?

Nails’ health is challenged every day! Nail polishes, solvants, fake nails, household products or even manual activities are the causes to their weakening. When attacked regularly, the surface of the nail ends up malnourished, split, broke and weakened.

URGO professor gives you all of its tips to avoid weakened nails!

A few simple, effective tips!
Maintain a healthy diet

Just like skin and hair, nails need micronutrients to stay strong and shiny. Deficiencies in zinc, iron, silicium or vitamins E and B8 can cause nails to become weak, brittle, split and malnourished. Remember to maintain a balanced diet.

Limit use of nail polish & nail polish remover

To let the nails breathe, it is advised to spend some time without nail polish. Moreover, opt for gentle removers that are acetone free in order to avoir damage of the lipidic film that protects the nails from drying and breaking.

Wear gloves when using chemical products

Household products, detergents and solvant weaken nails. To avoid daily damage, protect them with airtight, resistant gloves.


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